3 comments on “D&D Starter Set 5th Edition Review

  1. Do not invest into the 5th edition of D&D, As a player since the 3rd edition, i can say mechanically, the game feels nice, although this edition is a barely disguised money grab. It has absolutely no value for money, there is no incentive to buy this. Having just spent $25 of the starter kit I got a mess that did not allow me to create my own character, did not attempt to familiarise me with the game at all and the usual inclusion of at least 1 map or any tokens was conspicuously absent. Players of all editions, Completely avoid the starter addition at all costs. To the creators of D&D, I can say, you have lost me as both a fan and as an individual who has recommended and introduced many players to the game. Remember, if you wish to enjoy this game,All third party content is far superior to ANYTHING Produced by Wizards of The Coast. Seriously Wizard, way to reward my customer loyalty for 10 years. For the $25, I could have printed off the FREE PDF’s From your website, BOUGHT THE IMAGES FOR THE TOKENS AND MAP AND HAD OFFICEWORKS PRINT THEM. Thankyou for making me feel the most ripped off I have ever felt. What did I actually get for my $25? ANOTHER SET OF 6 DICE. Anyone have any recommendations for any good non-wizard tabletops as I and my income, are now in the market.

  2. I am playing the starter set right now with some experienced players and some brand new ones. Everyone is having a good time. This is my first real attempt at being the DM and I think the new rules make it easy to make decisions on the fly. The starter set comes with everything you need to just sit down and start playing. We are using the pre generated characters. Which seems to be working out fine for now. You do need the players handbook if you want to make your own. I would recommend this set to anyone interested in trying out 5.0. I paid $20 at a local game store and you can get it cheaper on line.

  3. The rules look great to me and I can’t wait until tomorrow when I DM our groups first game, albeit with an after market story. I’ve always loved the way that you can play with game with almost nothing but pen, paper and a set of dice. All the rest is just decoration.

    One more sleep to go.

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