2 comments on “Board Game Review – …and then, we held hands. from Ludicreations and Passport Game Studios

  1. Thanks for the review, Dave. Appreciate the thoroughness and the perspective. I’ve been on the fence about this game, wondering if it might be a good fit for my wife and me in our “what do you want to play before bed” rotation. I think you’re right about the limited audience, but I like abstract games myself (lifetime chess player), and my wife enjoys non-combative games, so this just might be a nice addition to our repertoire.

  2. Couples need to communicate verbally, physically and expressively. I received this as MY christmas gift to help him. Um…no
    No talking? Silly.
    I love the cards with emotions we deal but nothing with purpose of game. I was not happy with getitng a gift for me but really for him. BUT if he thought help him help us..ok.
    we played and talked to get understanding of game. Nope
    The no communication. DUMB! Relationships and games are to be bonding with laughter, talking, understanding. This game perfect for my BF so no conflict or building connection already have.
    This is a game for those who can not communciate and this is what this game taught me. No talk for quality time together means I should be alone reading a book cuddling with the fur babies.
    Stupid bonding game for those in love. Perfect for those who want to pretend.

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