One comment on “I Think You Meant Something by Saying That

  1. It’s nice to read your thoughts on these issues, Mindy! Some quick thoughts:

    Re: “Whose turn is it?” — I find that different personalities take shorter or longer planning their turns — and the time they spend thinking is important to their enjoyment of the game. It doesn’t bother me when someone takes an extended amount time to make a decision, and if I ask whose turn it is I’m not trying to send them a message. The only thing that can get on my nerve is when someone is not paying attention to the game and doing something else and because of that is causing the rest of us to wait on them…As long as they are spending their time thinking about the game they are welcome to take as much time as they want in my book.

    Re: “May I see the rulebook” — This one is interesting.. Some folks love looking at rule books, some folks as you say have an easier time understanding something when they read it vs when it is explained to them (I’m in that boat), and some folks often are skeptical about an explained rule that sounds counter-intuituve and want to check it out (I must confess to this one sometimes). It’s funny to see how long in our gaming group it takes sometimes before *someone* says “can I see the rulebook?”. The part that this can become uncomfortable sometimes is when someone (usually the owner) has volunteered to explain the rules, and is doing so when another person interrupts them and *takes* the rulebook and sort of interrupts the flow of explanation and sort of takes over explaining. This can happen with the original explainer trying to explain and the new “helper” with the rulebook constantly interjecting alternative explanations, etc. My inclination is to let the person who has chosen to explain the game take the “lead” and explain the game. If someone wants to make a quick interjection to correct something that’s fine, but the person who started off leading the discussion should have the floor unless they are asked by someone who knows the game better and is willing to take over and agrees. It may even be that the person who is explaining the rules does not do the best job at it, but that’s how people get better, and people should be able to experience the role of teaching a game even if they might not be professional speakers. Having said that — it is always a pleasure to be taught a game by someone who knows it well enough to teach it smoothly, and it can be a little bit draining to have someone try to teach a hard game where they have not yet read the rules and are seeing them for the first time. For a casual game an experienced group can figure things out on the fly. For a complicated game, it can be a disaster for a large group to try to learn it at the table with everyone seeing the rulebook for the first time.

    Re: “I play with this house rule” — I’m always happy to play with anyone’s house rules, whether they fix or break a game.. I’m not in the games to win them but to interact with others and have an experience of seeing how a game unfolds..

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